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Sep 21, 2012 1:00pm EDT
able to read that the united states is not as prepared as it should be for this type of cyber attack. >> we're not anywhere where we need to be in terms of a country with respect to preparedness and ultimately in response. the head of cyber command, general keith alexander, i think put it best when asked to evaluate one to ten where the u.s. capability is. he put it at a three. obviously this is not a very good position to be in, especially when you have a number of actors out there. china and russia are very active in terms of computer network exploit. that's espionage in cyberspace. they're increasingly integrating cyber warfare into their military planning and war fighting capabilities. these are all issues we need to take very seriously and we need to enhance our own defensive capabilities as well as invest on the offensive side as we will never firewall our way out of the problem. initiative resides with the attacker. >> is it a money issue? is it an investment of money issue in the infrastructure to combat this kind of crime? or is there something else that the united states sh
Sep 20, 2012 1:00pm EDT
sales net revenue saving up to $4.5 billion in taxes on goods sold in the united states. we talked to microsoft. here's what they told us. they say, microsoft has a complex business and we must comply with the complicated tax code of the united states, resulting in an exceedingly complex tax structure. second company in the crosshairs here today is going to be hewlett-packa hewlett-packard. the senate committee saying since at least 2008, hp has used billions of dollars of intercompany offshore loans to effectively repatriate untaxed foreign profits back to the united states to run u.s. operations. that's contrary to the intent of u.s. tax policy. we talked to hewlett-packard. here's what they told us. they say, hp has complied fully with all applicable provisions of the u.s. internal revenue code and auditor ernst and young has audited. we'll learn more about what this is up committee found in about a half-hour. >>> the committee on banking, housing and urban affairs, subcommittee on securities, insurance and investment is holding a hearing on high-frequency trading and they are t
Sep 18, 2012 1:00pm EDT
these great products. now, having said that the expansion of the united states is very slow. we are down to 1 1/2 to 2% of gdp expansion. that is, like phil and i talked many time, the lowest, slowest expansion we have ever had following a deep recession. clearly, one of the worst recessions we have ever been in. we are very pleased that we are recovering in the automobile industry and in ford's care the pent-up demand is incredible. the average age, phil, is like 11 years old now. these new vehicles you can get from ford, you can economically replace your older vehicle. so we are so just gratified that we invested during the toughest time and we have the products now to help lead this economic recovery but it is a slower recovery than we have had in the past, for sure. >> so what did you say? i don't mean to beat this into the ground, yes or no? is america in better shape now than it was four years ago? >> clearly not in the deep recession that we were and we are starting to recover. so, this is a very positive thing. the thing i like about the debate is what can we do to increase the rate o
Sep 7, 2012 1:00pm EDT
assure you if i'm president of the united states i'll stop the divisiveness and do everything in my power to unite the american people! >> we'll break away from governor romney as he talks about this morning's jobs report a few moments ago. if you were with us, you saw the president in new hampshire speaking to his supporters. governor romney's saying that the unemployment picture at the current point is a national tragedy. emphasizing that unemployment has been above 8% now for some 40-odd consecutive months. sue, what we hear here are two candidates, president obama in effect saying i think the jobs numbers were very poor, not happy with them. >> exactly. >> i need congress to help me do something about it, laying some of the blame and maybe much of the blame on the opposing party and mr. romney saying by contrast the buck stops in the oval office. >> i can tell you, ty, the chatter down here has to do with congress, as well. everybody down here knows it's a tight race. that's why as bob mentioned they're watching the in-trade percentages move but regardless of who takes the white house
Sep 14, 2012 1:00pm EDT
. in lebanon, a kfc restaurant has been attacked. angry mobs also protesting against the united states in that country. things are especially tense in lebanon today, and that is because the pope has arrived for a regularly scheduled visit. in about an hour as well, president obama will receive the caskets carrying the four americans who were killed in libya earlier this week. he will be at andrews air force base, and we will carry that live for u as is always the case, when there is serious violence in the irish world, we have to look at oil. right now west texas intermediate is up .5% at 98.71, and brent crude is up about one-third of a percent at $116.32. >> after quite a busy start to the year, there hasn't been an initial public offering in the united states since august 16th. that was 29 days ago. that is about to change big time. kayla is looking ahead to a deluge of deals next week. >> there certainly is a busy backlog coming to the fore of the ipo market next week. seven companies are set to hit the market, and it's long overdue activity for sure. it is a cross-section of indus
Sep 26, 2012 1:00pm EDT
be linked to inflation. just like here in the united states social security rises automatically if there is an increase in inflation. that happens in spain as well. they are talking about eliminating that. the european union woversiton w that. rajoy didn't say it today. >> thank you both. here now to talk about how the market is being impacted, joe tanius, the global market strategist from jpmorgan asset management, joins me now. is it remarkable that we are not seeing more vehement reaction in the equity side of things to the visuals we are seeing from greece and spain? >> right. i think if you take a step back, think about europe, we continue to take two steps forward and one step back. at the end of the day the ecb providing support and announcing the program is really a game-changing event. you are eliminating some extreme tail risk but at the end of the day clearly the anti-austerity movements are getting louder, causing unrest. >> what does it do for interest rates at home? we saw a reaction in the currency markets with the euro moving smartly on the day and also our bond
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6